Applewood Harvest Festival

The apples are off the trees and Elgin is celebrating with a day of wholesome Autumn farm-fun.

The Applewood Harvest Festival is a day of adventure, apple-themed activities and the best of Elgin’s gourmet artisanal and farm-grown produce. Expect fine fare from local restaurants.

The Poolroom, Hickory Shack and Peregrine Farm Stall (to name a few) and the best of craft cider and Elgin wines. Master an apple tasting, buy apple pies and apples by the bag and let the kids roam free. Lots of entertainment; from live music and tractor rides, to hay-diving, scarecrow building and apple hunting as well as beautiful goodies from local makers. 

Fresh air fitness enthusiasts can also look forward to an 11km Tru-Cape trail run through the beauty of the surrounding farmlands, or sign up for a gentle 5km Tru-Cape fun run.